Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tomorrow you'll still be here, no matter where your dreams will take you

These past few days, I've come across many times images of a lovely lilac haired girl with pink translucent circle spectacles called Ellen. Her style is so sweet and pastel and I thought I'd share some photographs of her with you! These photographs are taken by the wonderful Rebekah Seok, of whom takes absolutely amazing photos, do check her photo stream out! x
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Just a little update: my recent four-day Hong Kong trip over the weekend was very fun, and I promise I'll have the photos up soon! (Brace yourselves for some subtle food porn though)
Meanwhile, a song for you to listen to as we get through the hot and humid summer days:

Have a great week ahead!☺ 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Three weeks ago, I went to Bali for a holiday! We stayed in Ubud, and it was wonderful - the weather, the food, the architecture, the culture, the scenery, everything.
Here are some photos from my trip (quite a lot, so sorry in advance!), enjoy!
Lemon Squash (with crushed ice) on a hot afternoon after trekking to the top of the paddy fields to Sari Organic.

Our lovely villa

Orchids in full bloom

The hotel's main pool

What Bali is notoriously famous for

You practically start living on this in such sunny weather

Ubud is known to be Bali's centre of arts and culture 

A little kitten paid us a visit! 

Relaxing by the poolside

Isn't the hotel so much like a paradise?

The route to our villa

These are actually used to keep cockerels for cock fights. The hotel used them as decoration though!

Sorry for the long overdue blogpost on my trip. Really excited because I'll be flying off the Hong Kong this Friday - hopefully I'll have more photographs to share with you! Hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of my trip to Bali :-)
Have a lovely, happy summer!