Sunday, 25 August 2013

Glass Walls and Free Falls

A Couple Leaves their Jobs to Build a House of Windows in the Mountains of West Virginia
found this story online as i was browsing through tumblr and it's probably one of the most perfect places ever. i think it's such a great idea to make something so raw yet so unconventional to capture to full essence of the beauty that surrounds the place... i never knew the west virginia mountains were so breathtaking! and the people who made this... they're so amazing and i'm just gushing on the inside about how original and creative they are - to create something like this and to do what they do in their professions, such interesting individual personalities that gel together so harmoniously.

"so the sunset would never be contained"

do take a look at the above link and the video below. absolutely inspiring!


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Movie: Hitchcock (2012)

just finished watching "hitchcock", directed by sacha gervasi. 
it's a lovely film, and the colours and lighting of this movie are extremely pretty! 
this show is basically the a story about alfred hitchcock as he set upon his risky decision to film "psycho", which was the film that really established him as a director, in my opinion. to add to this, helen mirren plays his wife, alma reville, and their journey together as a couple really brightens up the plot of this film. 
in a way, i felt it was a very feminist-orientated film, as it really portrayed alma in a very powerful light with her being the rock in alfred's life, and his equal, not less not more. it's a very delightful and balanced relationship, and it was very satisfying to see her as a support for him. the film even ended with the phrase, "he never won an oscar, but in 1979 the american film institute honoured him with its life achievement award. upon accepting it he said, "i share this award, as i have my life, with alma."" - certainly a very beautiful way to end the film. 
just a regular day in the hitchcock household. reville at home in 1974 (phillips halsman/magnum)

i strongly recommend this movie to all who love film and feminism!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Current Read: Eva Braun

i've always been fascinated with the history of the nazi regime, and to be honest, i decided to take up history as a higher subject mainly because of my large interest pertaining to this subject. 

this is the book i'm currently reading: eva braun, life with hitler by heike b. görtemaker
it's really interesting and covers many aspects of the regime, of hitler, and of his relationships which were not very publicised. although many of the things stated in this book are falsifiable and some are assumptions, i like how görtemaker evaluates the different historians and their standpoints, especially their reliability.

the content of the book is rather heavy i must say though, and it isn't an easy read at times (especially when i stay up late and am very dreary the next day). it's got a lot of information and history, which is amazing, and it's not until i really sat down today at tea (i decided to destress by eating my favourite noodles today and reading) that i realised how intricately woven the story is and how eva braun might not have been the submissive naive girl people assume her to be - or the "shadow" of hitler who just comitted suicide with him before the russians invaded in the bunkers.

i shall not go on and on about the history and the book itself, but do try to pick it up if you're interested in history i guess? i strongly recommend it!

p.s: i've become to have the bad habit of sleeping past midnight (i think i'm nocturnal) (i literally die in the morning) (and afternoon) (at night i'm a wild beast) (just kidding i stay up writing this and doing other nonsense)

"i want to be a beautiful corpse, i will take poison." 
- eva braun

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Music: Arctic Monkeys

i wouldn't say i'm a die hard fan of arctic monkeys - apart from the fact that i do love a few of their songs like teddy picker, i bet you look good on the dance floor and of course the favourite - florescent adolescent, but i'd just like to share their *new* song "do i wanna know":
hot damn, it's such a good song?!?! i love the consistent bass line (i actually love any song with a consistent tune) and it just feels, to me, very different from a normal arctic monkeys song... definitely much more laid back. i can just imagine this song being the tune to a mafia gangster film.
i'm going to try to share more music on my blog, since i've kind of given up on 8tracks because it takes aaaages to load a mixtape up and even after waiting so many tracks have errors! i don't know why and whether it's just happening to me but it annoys me quite a bit!

to end off, i'd like to share this video i just saw of honestly the cuuutest boy on the planet, kai. can i just kidnap him home please?

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Summer is Over and So Are We // Bali Film Roll 2013

heyooo! it's been ages since my last blog post (which wasn't even half decent, just a random one with my thoughts and confusion) - i'm so sorry, i've been so busy and even now i am, just that i've chosen to write this post instead of doing my holiday homework as a satisfying form of procrastination.

anyway, i thought i would share my promised bali photos as i got them developed a while ago! i'm rather "meh" about the results though, because they were all a little dark. i think it's time i invest in a  more decent film camera or at least a flash, it's quite a pain compromising good photos just because those moments happened to be indoors!

☼ enjoy  ☼

we did lots of really fun stuff (the usual annual things) but what was different this time was my chance to go scuba diving! i was really excited for this - i've never been before, but oh goodness, i got really sea sick and almost vomitted on the way back to shore. one thing that really struck me this trip was the fact that the ocean is just such a large gargantuan mass of water, and it's pretty scary. to be stuck in the waves, or lost in the middle of the sea... that just terrifies me. the waves are so powerful and they really really show just how mighty nature can be. (i really do hope i'm not establishing a kind of ocean phobia for myself right now)

well, hope you enjoyed having a little glimpse of my trip about two months back (boy, time does pass too fast).
also, a great big fat thank you to S. of the blog "as far as the eye can see" for nominating my blog for the liebster award - i am really so honoured! such a lovely surprise to see when i finally logged onto my account after a month of stagnancy. i did a post on this previously, so if you'd like to take a look at that, it's here.

have a great weekend!
(now back to homework)