Thursday, 15 August 2013

Current Read: Eva Braun

i've always been fascinated with the history of the nazi regime, and to be honest, i decided to take up history as a higher subject mainly because of my large interest pertaining to this subject. 

this is the book i'm currently reading: eva braun, life with hitler by heike b. görtemaker
it's really interesting and covers many aspects of the regime, of hitler, and of his relationships which were not very publicised. although many of the things stated in this book are falsifiable and some are assumptions, i like how görtemaker evaluates the different historians and their standpoints, especially their reliability.

the content of the book is rather heavy i must say though, and it isn't an easy read at times (especially when i stay up late and am very dreary the next day). it's got a lot of information and history, which is amazing, and it's not until i really sat down today at tea (i decided to destress by eating my favourite noodles today and reading) that i realised how intricately woven the story is and how eva braun might not have been the submissive naive girl people assume her to be - or the "shadow" of hitler who just comitted suicide with him before the russians invaded in the bunkers.

i shall not go on and on about the history and the book itself, but do try to pick it up if you're interested in history i guess? i strongly recommend it!

p.s: i've become to have the bad habit of sleeping past midnight (i think i'm nocturnal) (i literally die in the morning) (and afternoon) (at night i'm a wild beast) (just kidding i stay up writing this and doing other nonsense)

"i want to be a beautiful corpse, i will take poison." 
- eva braun


  1. this book sounds so interesting! i really love history too and i'm going to be learning about world war 2 in depth in a few months i think. hitler was such an interesting figure. i find it hard to read non-fiction though.

    1. ooh that sounds exciting - tell me how that goes! i'm currently studying it in depth right now, in fact, but am going onto the russian revolution in class today. yes, i agree with you! i think it's hard to ignore the fact that... the entire thing is fact and cannot be drawn or weaved anymore into a story because no matter how much it seems like a nightmare or something unreal, it was reality.

    2. that's so perfectly worded.