Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Music: Arctic Monkeys

i wouldn't say i'm a die hard fan of arctic monkeys - apart from the fact that i do love a few of their songs like teddy picker, i bet you look good on the dance floor and of course the favourite - florescent adolescent, but i'd just like to share their *new* song "do i wanna know":
hot damn, it's such a good song?!?! i love the consistent bass line (i actually love any song with a consistent tune) and it just feels, to me, very different from a normal arctic monkeys song... definitely much more laid back. i can just imagine this song being the tune to a mafia gangster film.
i'm going to try to share more music on my blog, since i've kind of given up on 8tracks because it takes aaaages to load a mixtape up and even after waiting so many tracks have errors! i don't know why and whether it's just happening to me but it annoys me quite a bit!

to end off, i'd like to share this video i just saw of honestly the cuuutest boy on the planet, kai. can i just kidnap him home please?


  1. I really like that song! Immediately downloaded!

  2. love Arctic Monkeys and love this song! I've been listening to it non stop