Saturday, 17 August 2013

Movie: Hitchcock (2012)

just finished watching "hitchcock", directed by sacha gervasi. 
it's a lovely film, and the colours and lighting of this movie are extremely pretty! 
this show is basically the a story about alfred hitchcock as he set upon his risky decision to film "psycho", which was the film that really established him as a director, in my opinion. to add to this, helen mirren plays his wife, alma reville, and their journey together as a couple really brightens up the plot of this film. 
in a way, i felt it was a very feminist-orientated film, as it really portrayed alma in a very powerful light with her being the rock in alfred's life, and his equal, not less not more. it's a very delightful and balanced relationship, and it was very satisfying to see her as a support for him. the film even ended with the phrase, "he never won an oscar, but in 1979 the american film institute honoured him with its life achievement award. upon accepting it he said, "i share this award, as i have my life, with alma."" - certainly a very beautiful way to end the film. 
just a regular day in the hitchcock household. reville at home in 1974 (phillips halsman/magnum)

i strongly recommend this movie to all who love film and feminism!

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