Sunday, 23 December 2012

Art feature: Francisca Pageo

Click the link below to take a look at her lovely artwork, including an exclusive interview!

escape to the castle mountain

From: Murcia, Spain

Untitled Untitled 

What do you draw inspiration from when collaging and making art work?
My major inspirations are psychology, emotions & nature.

plankton wat
When the curious girl realizes she is under nature
Untitled Untitled

Can you use one word to describe your art and photography?

Emotions InterferencesAurora

Who's your favourite singer / band and what's your favourite song from them?
Slowdive, "Souvlaki".


Christmas wishlist?
A new pair of boots, books, a dress and infinite love for everyone I love.


What do you really want to do but have yet to do?


Where do you cut your collage pieces from? 
My collage pieces are from old books & new magazines.


Favourite place in the world?
I've not been yet, but I'd love to go to Iceland or Black Forest in Germany.

Melancholic memories #5the flower singerUntitledUntitled

What made you start to collage and take photographs? 
I took inspiration from photography when I started to work on them, then I discovered collage and voi-là...

the snowqueen
If you'd like to find out more about her, view her blog here! x

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