Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sick days

Hey, so sadly as you all know, I have been sick with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease for about a week now, and it really sucks! Haven't been out of the house and it's getting extremely boring. Plus, the ulcers in my mouth are so large and numerous it gets really painful to eat/drink/talk/breathe. 
I drink about 3000-4000ml of water a day and drown in my misery by watching Suits and funny movies. Thank God for entertainment outlets.

Here are a few random photographs taken this March:
Birthday roses from Miriam in my bathroom - even the emptiest spaces look so much more beautiful with flowers.
"Like petals, we too must eventually fall."
 It's been two weeks and the roses have already started to wilt. This is my desperate attempt to save the flowers and keep them forever - my mission to press them and let them remain in their delicate state.

An absolutely appetizing red velvet cupcake made by Miriam 

Spent my extra time decorating/personalizing my new Kindle. I don't know, but I still prefer books. I just love the smell of books, and their covers and everything about them. Meh about the Kindle so far, especially since I can't buy any book in the Kindle Store as it only works in America (?)
On a side note, Dad came back from Paris yesterday and brought home a beautiful box of Ladurée macarons in another perfect pastel box. 


  1. you are so beautiful, your soul, your words, the sweetness that sleeps in your head. you see everything in that special light: you are a daughter of the stars.

  2. Hello there! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! :) Here's the link to my entry:


    Thank you and have a nice day ♥

    1. This is so surprising! Thank you so much :')

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