Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Film roll: Batam in May

In May, I got to take a boat to Batam in Indonesia for a retreat. It was absolutely beautiful and the ultimate tropical paradise - with good food, company and of course, scenery. 
I finally got round to developing my film (r.i.p. wallet babies) and here they are! 
I was elated when I saw them because this is the first time I've developed my film (after buying my first ever lomographic camera) and it's really surreal to just hold it in your hands.
So, here they are! Hope you enjoy them:
Coconut chopping station
Banana boating on our last day!

I'm currently on my summer holidays right now, and besides stressing out about what I'm doing in my life and how blurry my future looks... I should be blogging a bit more! 
Hope you're all having a wonderful week! It hailed today, which is really rare in my tropical country, so that was pretty exciting! 


  1. Your photos are so dreamy, they're really lovely!

    Lizzie off of Maylight

    1. Thank you so much Lizzie! I love your ootds on your blog! x

  2. Hello love! We're dreamersjrnl, an indie lifestyle magazine dedicated to all dreamers around the world. We're currently working on our very first issue 'Bon Voyage'. If you're interested in sharing your beautiful voyage picture with the rest of the dreamers, drop us a mail soon. We can't wait to go on a holiday! xx


    1. Hello! This sounds so interesting! I would be sure to email you as soon as I can, thank you so much x