Tuesday, 26 November 2013


hey there!
sorry i haven't been posting regularly (and for ages) - i've been really busy with my end-of-year exams, procrastination, and i'm currently on an internship, which is really exciting! 
i really can't wait for the december holidays when i can finally kick back and sit around and do nothing (with a free conscience)... plus christmas is right around the corner. 

shall attempt to write a list of things i love about christmas one day, it's my favourite season and time of the year - i don't know why but there's this air about it that makes everything so happy for no reason whatsover.

anyway, a little but extremely extremely exciting piece of news i'd like to share with you all -
i got featured in dreamers journal, which is a new lovely online magazine which is put together by some of the sweetest people! here's a sneak peek of what's to come:

plus, i'd like to share this video i stumbled across of one of my singers, florence welch. her voice is absolute perfection - and i love how it's not altered or anything in her album, her voice is her voice, which is absolutely flawless.

till next time

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