Thursday, 30 January 2014

Film: The Royal Tenenbaums

i'd just like to start off saying i am the most incapable person at up-keeping a blog - i'm so sorry i've been so busy with the start of school... it's only been a month (??)
anyway, today's a holiday because of chinese new year and i decided to watch the royal tenenbaums, directed by one of my favourite directors of all time: wes anderson film god.
every scene, snippet, prop, backdrop, outfit, EVERYTHING is perfect, i truly can't describe how happy and satisfied it makes me to watch one of his films (you have to watch the life aquatic with steve zissou as well, i would love to be part of team zissou)


  1. i want to watch this now. i love w. a. x

    1. You should! Let me know when you do - I'd love to know what you think! x