Sunday, 9 March 2014

If You're Losing Sleep

a hiaku about being sick:
stuck in bed all day
need to get well soon or else
work shall swallow me

i finally got my film developed from laneway! tried out a new film developing store and am pretty pleased with the results :) 
laneway was absolutely amazing, one of the best days ever! it was my first time ever attending one and although it was crowded and hot, the atmosphere and live music was just perfect.
(i should have put more sunscreen though)

vance joy started off the festival, and oh god was he the perfect man to do so! his affable plucking at his ukelele and warm voice spilling out beautiful lyrics filled the entire field, with the sun shining and wind blowing and crowd singing along to his every word (esp. during riptide) - it was the perfect moment.
you are loved, you are loved, you are loved, you are... loved

then there was youth lagoon!! trevor powers was one of the reasons why i wanted to spend my money on laneway in the first place - being one of my favourite musicians, especially after winning me over with his entire album, year of hibernation. i was a little bummed though because the acoustics of his set were a bit too distastefully loud and it really went against how i imagined his to be soft, gentle and the kind you would listen to on road trips when you're trying to go to sleep. youth lagoon basically played most of their newer songs from 2013 and barely any from year of hibernation, so no seventeen, no afternoon, no cannons... basically i was just a bit let down :( still nonetheless wonderful to see him perform in perform though - he is absolutely talented!

front row at the jezabels! (included hayley mary's funky dance moves and hip thrusts)

^ no words - este, danielle and alana were perfect
meeting este made my entire day.

hope you liked the film!

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  1. did u smoke some fine weed? :-)