Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Still sorting out little trinklets in my new room, but it's almost done! All I have to do is put up my poster - which might take a while seeing my posters can never ever stick up...
The porcelain ballerina in the photo is one of my favourites, and has been with me ever since my primary school days. It makes music if you wind it, it's so lovely! I will always remember when I was younger, and the porcelain body broke off, leaving only the legs. And my grandfather helped me to glue it back. 
There's something about musical figures/boxes/etc. that make it so fragile and delicate - simply enthralling! 

Meanwhile, I'd like to share some beautiful and absolutely breathtaking photos of Valentino's Spring Summer Haute Couture 2013:
"This hour too will be more lovely in recollection." 
— Anna Kamiénska

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