Saturday, 22 September 2012

This love will be your downfall

This is probably one of my favourite Prada collections (out of which the A/W 2009 and S/S 2010 were part of). I love the retro feel that dominates this whole lookbook and the way it is collaged is so creative and just so beautiful, 
I love the fifties to sixties nostalgic feel to it, and quoted from STYLE.COM,
"Italian men have two meaningful relationships in their lives: women and cars. Miuccia put the two together—women in cars—and situated them in a moment in time (maybe the last such) when the world was awash with unambiguous hope for the future."
I absolutely love love love the details of this collection, as well as the accessories. And the car shoes are amazing! This fiery lookbook is made up of handmade collages of vintage photographs, as well as 
images from backstage at the runway show, shot by Phil Meech and artwork created by Jereon Koolhaas and Lok Jansen. 
This lookbook is perfect, in my opinion.

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